It isn’t what you don’t know which can be a problem – it is what you DON’T KNOW you don’t know!

Yes and this applies to one of the scourges of our times – the risk of becoming diabetic! You don’t know if you are diabetic and you don’t know that you don’t know the risks!

So please don’t put your heads into the sand. We have a thriving Diabetic Support Group which is part of the La Cala Lions Club right here to help you! This was originally formed in 2003 to help the vast number of ex-pats here in Spain find out more about the condition. Over the years our group has helped hundreds of people cope with diabetes and we hold regular education monthly meetings in Fuengirola. However a phone call to our helpline will also quickly give you information should you like to meet up with us privately over a coffee to discuss diabetes care.

You may also find out about the enormous risks involved if you remain untreated. Thousands of people are walking around oblivious to the fact they have high glucose readings. When were you last tested?

Our next meeting is on October 27th at 10.30 am at HOGAR, Calle Paloma, Fuengirola. We are in the cafeteria next to the Fuensocial offices. There is easy parking in the Feria Ground Car Park. This month we hope to have a very interesting speaker – a cardiologist.
TEL Anne Bowles on 607879450. Email We are here to help you! Come along for your quick glucose test.

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